this picture contains a grey laptop with a miniature sized buggy, one leg on top of the laptop near the keyboard and the other three positioned on the table. There is also a fat wad of cash inside the buggy

Affiliate Marketing Verticals 2021

Vertical is defined as “a market within which sellers provide products or services that specifically TARGET the needs of a buyer based on demographic or niche, such as a persons characteristics, hobbies & interest business & affiliations, or profession.” Or simply put, vertical markets intend to service a specific audience and the specific needs of that audience. Vertical markets are more commonly provided via ecommerce businesses because of the limited overhead and ability to reach audiences worldwide.

You must try to focus your efforts on one niche as this is critical to succeed affiliate marketing. There are thousands of theories to affiliate marketing and how it works but it depends which strategy is best suited and provides repeatable & actionable results for you. The First step, which is equally as important (as the right strategy) is to find the right vertical for you.

Verticals in affiliate marketing are similar as verticals for any other type of business model. You may prefer to work with a vertical marketing network to sell products or services that are bespoke (custom made) designed, in order to appeal to a specific niche.

Every affiliate, will give you his own unique answer. This is simply because of each individual’s strengths and interests in their respective markets and further solidified by their monthly, weekly and some cases daily revenues. At OpulentMind we won’t pressure any particular vertical you must choose (fish for a man…). To aide you in your journey to differentiate between the industry’s verticals, OpulentMind has narrowed down some of the most revered verticals that are still rising like the DOW JONES (not so much the first half of 2020, but you get the picture) and going strong in 2020 in no particular order (teach a man to fish).

“We continually process analytics here at OpulentMind, and we’ve taken heed to notice some verticals are becoming more popular to use by publishers, including Home Improvement and Astrology, and these categories will constantly undergo development in the years to come. We also notice more publishers taking a liking to Finance offers which can be extremely profitable especially with the right CPC and/or CPL offers. As the category [name] suggests, it is not an easy vertical to work with, (nothing in FINANCE for that matter…) but if you find the right strategy for you, it will be very profitable. And finally henceforth, we always have the usual perps: Dating, Nutra, Sweepstakes, and Ecommerce that will thrive above all others (verticals) to remain top dogs through 2021”, expresses Kevin Sippio, CEO of OpulentMind.

Now you’re all set to begin your journey as an affiliate marketer, but first, you still need to have a solid comprehension of what an affiliate marketing vertical is. At OpulentMind we prefer to go extra “cray” and give you various insights on what verticals will be continually profitable thru 2021.

A pile of vegetables. Orange and yellow carrots, beets, onions, garlic, potatoes and nuts
Nutraceuticals are a food containing health-giving additives plus medicinal benefits.


Nutraceuticals are basically food based products that provide benefits in excess to just nutritional value. Nutra affiliate networks envelope publishers with health and beauty related products also called “Nutra”, type affiliate programs. Due to the nature of these products, several channels are more proficient than others to promote Nutra products. This meaning native traffic. Native advertising is defined as the use of paid ads that blend with the look, feel and function of the media format in which they appear. These media formats can be Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads and directing traffic to a landing page with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With Instagram Models on the rise and also being the #1 platform to visually express oneself — Instagram, provides smart advertisers the opportunity to feature these products front and center a reap the whooping benefits. Statistics show a steady upswing within the Nutra Industry and experts predict this will allow the Vertical to surpass the 300 Billion mark by 2023.


A black couple on a date holding hands walking a dusty trail in the peaceful woods during the daytime while gazing lovingly into each other's eyes.
Dating is very popular on Social Media and continues to grow at an unbelievable rate

WITH LESS “FACE TO FACE” AND MORE “FACETIME” our phones are gettin’ “felt up” more than a lot of actual people, which is why there has been a growing need of the broader partnership affiliate marketer who specializes in dating websites and hook ups. To break it down, as long as people continue to read their bibles and “be fruitful and multiply”, Online Dating will continue to be one of the main verticals of affiliate marketing with a continual stream of awaiting Heathens & Christians alike looking for services of this type. The enormity of the dating industry attracts many creators and marketers that want to profit from it.


So how do committed affiliates and their campaigns become so lucrative?  Many factors contribute to a plethora of advantages that make this particular vertical highly marketable. This niche easily finds favor with the Law of Probability because it is one of the most likely to create repeat sales and feature an arsenal of practical methods to promote –well, dating stuff. Amongst those strategies: paid adverts or free promos that only stipulate you need enter a name, email or number completely avoiding “pick pocketing” and financial commitment. Combine that with constant streams of anxious customers seeking more content from within the niche and the omnipotent ways to promote and you got yourself a marketing cocktail especially for the lonely nights. We’re talking blogs, websites, paid ADS, sales funnels, social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter ranging from banner ads and external links to much more. In closing, it is super easy to find high-converting traffic if you’re working with with Dating. This is especially true if directing traffic from Facebook that is a good traffic source highly appreciated (we mean qualified…) by advertisers.

Recent studies predict that over half of internet searches will be conducted by voice command in 2021


New to the team is Voice Search. It has amassed a following through big corps like Cortana, Alexa, Siri, Google Voice and others. This evolution will change the way to conduct business and interact with our homes. Studies by ComScore an American media measurement and analytics company reveal that by 2021 almost half of all internet searches will be conducted by voice searches. Around 30% of that number, whatever it is, will have accumulated via 3rd party tools and without a screen. If you plan on being one of the greats in affiliate marketing this is assuredly one of the vertical you want to pay special attention to.



An empty room with two ladders one standing and the other leaning against the wall there are paint buckets and other construction materials littred throughout the room. the walls ahve been stripped of it's paint and it is clear that a home improvement project is underway.
Home improvement is a growing tradition for all demographics

Just like the 90’s TV show [Home Improvement] Affiliate marketers are finding fortune on the remodeling industry. Home improvement is at the top of this one. People are constantly looking to remodel and renovate bathrooms, kitchens, roofs, windows, driveways, shrubbery, floors and other rooms. This is to increase their standard of living and the value of their homes. Homeowners conduct home improvement projects to save money on energy, lengthen the lifetime of their living quarters and make their domain more comfortable. As such keep an eye out for the rising star known as Home Improvement in 2021.

This is a picture of an unmanned telescope aimed at a clearly visible nebula in the sky. It looks just like the milky way and the sky is littered with gleaming sparkles of light emitted from the stars. This is an obvious setup of someone who is studying astrology
Astrology has a dedicated fanbase and growing as the study of the stars and horoscopes becomes ever so popular.


Although it’s no supernova, Astrology definitely has the capacity of maintaining strength in 2020. It’s the study of the stars and how the movement can breed an individuals personality and dictate their destiny based on birth place and time. The most widely known version of Astrology is our horoscope whose popularity is further stretched by daily news reports, blogs etc. A variant of forms include Mayan, Indian and Chinese…as examples.

The Astronomy “scientists” or Astrologers use their knowledge of the celestial bodies to facilitate suggestions to an individual about their present and future. The potential of this niche is very attractive to affiliate marketers alike. In addition to the glam of potential, there are many innovations and new channels (just like gaming) that affiliate marketers can use. That make astrology not just stable but very trendy through 2021.


A black man has just won big. He is sitting in his living room and threw the money he has won from a sweepstakes contest into the air. He is overjoyed and smiling broadly.
Sweepstakes continues to float near the top of the list because people like to win - period.

Les gens veulent gagner, er…excuse ma French but what I meant to say was, people want to win, period. For this reason alone Sweepstakes offers are some of the most stable offers in affiliate marketing and they will always attract interest. With new regulation rollouts by mobile carriers things had to change, and they changed for the bet–sweepstakes. Now Affiliates promote these offers successfully on multiple traffic sources GEOs.


To participate, entrants need only enter their name, email and sometimes phone number. The more popular grand prizes include travel offers, gift cards, mobile phones and in many instances, cash offers. Commissions are obtained once a user completes the sign up process which is also one of the more popular ways to promote (no sale required).The attraction is earned at the possibility contestants will be able to win a grand prize. This means affiliates can drive traffic through meaningful and targeted sweepstakes offers. People entering to win the latest Apple Computer for example, would boost sales conversions and revenue for publishers. The three main types of sweepstakes are “The credit card entry” in which users need to submit, you guessed it, their credit card info and enter a subscription. This option is tricky for obvious reasons but aims to please a successful campaign with great liquidity. However not all affiliate programs work with it. Next up, you have the SOI, which is the easiest offer hence the smaller payout. This type only requires the entrant to fulfil a simple registration to enter the sweepstakes. You also have SOI’s big brother, DOI which requires the user to enter the sweepstakes through a verification email sent directly to their inbox. This method would prompt the participant toe follow the link found in the email. This option is a bit more advanced but rewards higher that SOI. Be cognizant of the strategy you’re using to make this work.

A man and a woman playing on a Sony PlayStation 4.
The Gaming vertical is no longer solely available on the modern console it has grown to mobile devices as well.


That’s Right, you know it. You’ve spent time as a gamer or at least around gamers so fully understand how obsessive they become with their hobby. Gamers absolutely positively cannot control themselves when it comes to spending, it’s like crack on a graphic card. That is PRECISELY why, at a whole $113,000,000,000.00 ($113 Billion) the gaming industry is on pace to exceed well over $300,000,000,000.00 ($300 Billion) in the next 4 to 5 years. Gaming has already broken down the wall of what we thought were it’s limitations. It has expanded it’s audience past the modern console and pc and is now available on mobile. It is incredibly safe to assume there are a ton of affiliate programs available to help you promote. Due to ALL of the aforementioned, gaming is one of the more popular verticals and more competitive as well. More time is spent innovating this industry and its picking up momentum.


A woman is about to enter her Mastercard information in an online ecommerce POS. She is sitting at the computer holding her credit card in front of her.
Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Wish....are all examples of eCommerce platforms capitalizing from this vertical.

eCommerce isn’t going to go anywhere in 2020, yep it’s in it for the long haul. There’s always a sale, a deal, a bargain or discount online with online retailers. So as an affiliate you need to put the pedal to the metal, take advantage and promote as hard as you can!!! Remember though, you may reap the spoils of certain offers only for a limited time because they sometimes come with an expiration date. This reason in particular, is why an aggressive campaign during the shopping frenzy craze (Black Friday, Christmas) is the best suit to tackle this mega giant of an industry. Typically, the CPS model is the most frequent payout type for eCommerce offers.

eCommerce has a ginormous selection of products to choose from — plus some of the most known companies offer affiliate programs to help promote their products. Companies like Walmart and Amazon…you will never be out of options. Some of the most dominant niches in this vertical are Clothing and accessories, education, careers, consumer electronics, family, entertainment. Research some of these niches and you may find the right one for you.

This image shows four adjacent slot machines to explain the gambling vertical. The seats in front of the machines are all empty.
These days you don't have to go to a casino to play the slots more affiliate networks make gambling as simple as keeping your phone charged.


With the latest technological advancements, commercial initiatives and upgrades (e.g., gambling using cryptocurrencies instead of USD) online gambling has soared amongst the stars as a platform.
Right now, African, Asian and in close second Australia, Ireland and Finland are growing scaling casinos at a phenomenal rate in South Africa, China and Singapore. Not to mention all the bookies taking bets for huge sporting events such (Olympic Games, Euro 2020, American Football, Basketball, etc…).

With great tools, a solid strategy, a strong campaign the gambling niche will score you high commissions. Casino affiliate niche has such high paying commissions you’ll generate high income even with a smaller availability of offers. You must be cognizant and subservient to the rules whilst promoting the gambling industry. Even though Gambling is stockpiled with regulations it remains a healthy contender for the next few years! Most casino affiliate programs are back by HUGE name brands that are already known which greatly increases certitude for users. Overly tested landing pages also help to ensure higher conversions.


a thick roll of money with a dollar bill on the outside and a clear image of Abraham Lincoln. The money is held together with a red rubber band. This is to show the financial vertical.
Finance verticals are difficult to master, but if done correctly will payout more than most other vertical available.

A couple of years ago Finance topped the charts as far as earnings goes, and now finance is back at the top. Since the 2008 financial crash, where excessive risk-taking by banks combined with the bursting of the United States housing bubble caused the values of securities tied to U.S. real estate to plummet, damaging financial institutions globally, culminating with the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008, and an international banking crisis. Banks have been given cheap money by most central banks to prevent a similar global economic disaster from happening. This makes the most opportune time to affiliate market finances because the banks need to earn financial margins from the money that was created. When you are talking about personal loans, insurances, home equities, etc… financial offers seem to pop up like “whack-a-mole”. This is where targeting is key because the offers are so expensive at times, you need to make sure the right people with the right mindset and amount of money are the ones seeing your offers. Affiliate marketers can now focus their attention more on finance than cryptocurrencies, which are currently on the low “u” of the roller coaster after riding the high “n” for some time.


In closing, you know the digital world is ever changing to the speed of technology, and affiliate marketing isn’t an exception to this rule of thumb. The market has become so diverse they there are new offers appearing left and right, more often. this also creates an unprecedented amount of competition with affiliate marketing. If you wanna stay ahead you must be able to notice the changing tides, in other words, you need to be able to see where the market is going before everyone else does. One important thing to keep in mind is that it is very important to be dominating one vertical before you begin your conquest to conquer more. Although you think it may be saturated, there is truth in the saying “find your niche”. Marketers are better off concentrating on one niche and mastering it, than to advertise all and receive mediocre results. After this is accomplished you can venture to other markets of interest.

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