echo dot 3rd generation

Small internal speaker and Bluetooth compatibility enable the Echo Dot wirelessly tap into speakers or headphones (must also be Bluetooth compatible) of your choice. Stereo sound can also be deliver via 3.5mm headphone jack by insertion into the side of the device. 

Echo Dot Can Hear You From Across The Room

Even while you're playing music!
Amazon Music

Even more of your favorite artists from the Amazon database.


Browse your custom and 1,000s of brand stations featured in your subscription to Pandora.


Sports, Politics, Kids...any audible audiobook anytime ready at the sound of your voice.


Wirelessly connect your Echo Dot to your home security system.

#1 top 10 bestseller echo dot 3rd generation mounted in the wall plug bracket
ECHO DOT 3RD GEN mounted in wall plug bracket

When you want to use the Echo Dot you just say “Alexa”. The Echo Dot uses Echo Spatial Perception to respond instantly from the Echo Dot you’re standing closest to- if you have multiple devices.

Kids can ask Alexa to call approved family members in addition to reading stories and playing music. Alarms can be set, and kids can ask questions and Alexa can can even help with homework! The design delivers crisp bass alongside balance vocals to deliver full sound. Featuring an emersive world of kid friendly content including thousands of hours of Audible books interactive games and educational skills.


Your Entertainment Central

1 of the top 10 bestsellers the Echo Show 8 allows you to wirelessly connect to the internet, use Alexa, play music watch videos, communicate directly to other Alexa devices access information from the internet and more. Jam packed with all the same great attributes you’ve grown to love across all smart speaker/Alexa devices. Access your shopping list, add tons of skills watch movie trailers and music videos, games like escape room and even have the ability to control your smart home. Bluetooth connectivity and also the ability to make and receive calls, send and receive messages all with the sound of your voice. Fitted with a front facing camera you can use to take pictures all the same.