We won’t delve into too much details, because in 2020 there is no book out there about Trump that would surprise you at this point. An up-to-date….and truthful literature on DJT’s presidency. Compiled with scrupulous journalism and ultracareful fastidious fact-checking, Bob Woodward’s, RAGE is stockpiled with comprehension to the MOST current internal aspects of 2016 presidential candidate. 

Psychologically fascinating as DJT is still unable to tolerate criticism (even of the constructive kind) which is apparent as he displays his inability to escape the deviant phase. No rock is left unturned as the book also lay out the gritty details of DJT’s response during the growth of a plague, nearly causing WW3 style nuclear escalation all while at the same time seemingly downplaying racism, hate and misogyny.  

RAGE is written by Bob Woodward, an American journalist. It centers the presidency of DJT, and was published on September 15, 2020 (Simon & Schuster). 

This unparalleled work features all inclusive inside reporting on President Trump’s time in office. Bob Woodward genuinely focuses attention to detail with direct quotes and accurate timeline translating The Trump Administration’s reign over the White House. 

A never before seen inside look, concerning decisions for national security early on, and strategies executed by Trump as he battles racial unrest, a global pandemic and economic disaster. 

RAGE’s relativity is transcribed from hundreds of hours of interviews, diaries, emails, documents and personal testimonies from within the administration. At distinct points throughout the literature RAGE explains how DJT’s response was primarily based on his style, habits and skills obtained and refined through his first three years in office. 

Even the relationship with North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is described by other readers as a “diplomatic minuet straight out of  a fantasy film”. This assumption is made possible with a collective of over 25 personal letters exchanged between the two [Trump & Un] that have never been made public before. 

EIGHTEEN, That’s right, 18 interviews help form the spine of RAGE. Some of the interviews are on tape and many were done during COVID-19. Some of us know, and others may not know, this is the second book regarding the Trump Administration written by the two time Pulitzer Prize “sharer”. The first book was entitled FEAR where Woodward described Trump as “mercurial” and “unpredictable” . 

The Trump Presidency, risks, contradictions and turmoil will be foundationally accounted for in RAGE. Definitely a must read for any VOTER that yearns a definitive, accurate and much more than concise inside view or the Trump Administration whilst in Office.

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